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UNYANET Alumni is the new association for all the former UNYANET activists and supporters who have finished their studies and are ready to make their next steps after their youth activities while not losing their connection to UNYANET. Read what we are about to do and join us today.

When a chapter of your life ends and new one begins, you often have two feelings within yourself: The first one is the joy and excitement of the things to come; Like visiting a new city or traveling in region you have always wanted to see. A new chapter is also an opportunity to try out new things and ways you might not have been able to do before. The other one is the sadness when thinking about the things that have ended: The friends you might not see again for a long time, the projects that you have invested a lot of time in or the things you have left behind because your suitcase is not big enough.

This was exactly the situation we all were last spring when thinking about the things to come. We were all active for several years within the UN Youth community, established and participated within various MUNs, organised workshops and seminars and created the worldwide UN Youth network UNYANET. However we felt the need to move on and give others the chance to make their experience and bring their knowledge and dreams into UNYANET and the projects we created. At the same time we did not want to leave everything behind: the ideas we still had in our minds, the constant exchange with like-minded people and the friendships we gained during all these years. This was the moment when we decided to create UNYANET Alumni.

Who we are and what we do

UNYANET Alumni is primarily an association for former representatives and members of UNYANET that have finished their studies and are starting their next chapter in their live. We have two primary aims: support UNYANET with expertise and resources where possible and required, use our close relation to the UN Youth to create new possibilities of involvement and create new insights and opportunities for the UN and the international community by using the knowledge, expertise and wisdom of our members.

Let me explain this a little bit more detailed. UNYANET Alumni’s task is not to tell UNYANET (or the UN Youth in general) what it has to do. In fact UNYANET Alumni aims to help UNYANET where required with expertise, knowledge and connections as well as, if everything goes wrong, be a fail-safe for UNYANET. We want that the knowledge we gained during our activity the UN Youth movement but especially within UNYANET is still available for the network and its members. Additionally as UNYANET Alumni consists of former students that are now working in their field of expertise we know the challenges of being a students, having to work besides to finance your study and being active in a projects. It is up to UNYANET to use these resources for its projects, development and causes.

UNYANET Alumni will further be involved into the debates and developments about topics within the international community and the UN in general. We see ourself as a neutral player that includes those that are interested in international topics and who have dealt with them since they started being active in the UN Youth movement. We aim to include the insights and ideas of the UN Youth as well as the expertise and knowledge into our work wherever possible and therefore create a new way of thinking and exchange for the future. This can be done by develop specific research papers and seminars, organising conferences that are connecting participants and maybe even the online community together or something completely new we have not thought of yet. Building bridges between practice and theory is our overall goal.

Join today

We are always looking for former active members of UNYANET who are open for a new chance and opportunity or simply want to support our cause because they know that it is worth it. You can even support our cause if you have not been a member of UNYANET but believe in what we are doing and will be doing in the future. Every kind of support we get is welcome will help us to achieve the goals we outlined above. Just register today.


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