UNYANET Alumni is a recently founded not-for-profit non-political association. While we consist of highly professional and excellent individuals who contribute to our work and projects, we are always looking for ways to co-operate and collaborate in order to achieve our goals and create new resources benefitting both us and our partners. If you, your institution, initiative or association is interested to work together with UNYANET Alumni, please contact us.


Negotiations.CH is a newly established initiative that aims to train professionals in negotiation and related skills such as presentation skills, rethoric or public and media relations. Negotiation.CH organises seminars open for everyone interested in negotiation training – be it beginners or more experienced participants. During those seminars, experts in the field will give an introduction into the fields of negotiation techniques and negotiation preparation. In addition to this, each participant of the seminars becomes a member of the Negotiation.CH network of negotiators in which they can share their experiences, stay in touch with fellow participants and get exclusive news about unique opportunities.

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